Hopsin vs The Joker

Wells this is a battle of two villains. To further complicate things they started out as friends. Sound familiar? Yes, of course history repeats itself and that’s where I’ll begin. What makes this fresh is of course what makes it a bit stale; if you know your hip hop history you’d know that the tale of two friends that later go on to battle has been played out more than your favorite song on your iPod but before you put on your bitch tits and turn your nose up and say things like: “This is the reason I hate hip hop. They’re so mean and negative and blah blah blah.” just know that though you might not be a fan of hip hop you’re definitely a fan of the script and you’re definitely a fan of sequels. Besides they could give two shits about your silly opinion anyways. Moving along. And! Of course everyone loves to see an underdog win and so far The Jokers on top with his new single that hauntingly rings the same bell as Nas’- Ether. Whether you’re a fan or on the other side of the fence no one can deny the fact that The Joker delivers line after line of burns that no one saw coming. I know. No details. I didn’t even name the track in which The Joker goes after Hopsin. I didn’t even tell you what the beef is all about. Curious? Look it up yourself loser you have an Internet connection. Now off I go. Bye bye now. 🙂 


2016: The Last Blow to the Right

Im fairly confident that Obama will get reelected tomorrow. The polling data shows an edge in Ohio, a state that is absolutely crucial in order for Mitt Romney to win the election. This means that all eyes on the political field are looking forward to the year 2016. Take a moment and think about what names pop up in your head when you think of that year as far as politics goes. Im sure Hilary Clinton placed near the top of your list and if she runs that could spell disaster for the right for a number of reasons. One of the big ones is that she’s viewed a lot more favorably than she was in 2008 and when you think about the very likely possibility of both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton stumping for her then it almost seems inevitable that she’ll win the election if she gets through the Democratic Primary unscathed. And a Hilary Clinton Presidency could be the final blow to all those who hold dated right wing ideology so near and dear to their hearts. That will mean 12 consistent years of Democrats in hold of office and possibly even mean the pendulum swinging towards a more socialized America. Every term that Democrats have between now and 2050, a year that will be the marker for a demographic shift in America, means a torrential downpour of influence for the left and a dwindling one for the right.
Anywho, moving along.
How does the Right stop this?
Well there are a few ways. 1) restricting voting as much as possible for minorities. *Check* This is already being worked out through the voter ID laws that are either being enforced or will be enforced following this election. 2) Is to drop cutting taxes for the wealthy from their platform. Not only is this economic idea associated with the unpopular Bush administration but there’s literally no proof of it working to help the middle class in any way shape or form. 3) Be the party that says no to outsourcing jobs to foreigners. 4) Continue to control the debate on the deficit and use it to your advantage 5) Appeal to Latinos. A large part of that demographic change will be Latinos. If the right can somehow make their party more hospitable for this community then theyll have some chance of keeping power. 6) Consider the culture war lost and move on. The only battle the right is winning in the culture war is on the fronts of racism and abortion. And even abortions beginning to slip away because of the fact the rights view has become so extreme that more and more candidates are literally saying that abortion should be illegal even in the case of rape and incest. Finally, the real hope lies in perhaps producing more Libertarian candidates. There’s a real enthusiasm for Ron Paul and if the Right can somehow channel that energy and align it with the Party then there could be hope for the Rights future even with the bleak 2050 marker looming ahead.